ROSS is a diverse speciality engineering services company at the forefront of Facility Management and Project Resourcing across a broad market spectrum.  The markets our expertise lies in range from Medical Technologies, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Science and Education, Food and Beverage and Oil and Gas.  It is owing to this cross sector experience that our team have a wealth of practical knowledge that is regularly shared to meet our client’s projects goals and objectives.  Our first priority at the start of every project is how we will best add value so having an innovative and collaborative approach is key here.  We have found that what has worked well for a client in one industry can be used as a new and innovative idea for a client in a different industry.  We strive to deliver more than you expect each time we take on a new client.

Advanced Technologies

This highly dynamic industry is responsible for major innovative developments in technology that have greatly improved economies all over the world. We draw on our combined experience and knowledge in addition to valuable lessons learned to provide the most efficient engineering solutions for this industry.  Dependable metrics, ongoing training and development, financial investment in new technologies along with regular communication with our employees are all key components of providing project solutions for the advanced technology industry clients.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Performance, productivity and safety play a vital role in this complex, dynamic industry.  ROSS has decades of experience providing custom made solutions to meet the demands of our clients from the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry.   We commit to responding to the distinct characteristics of this sector and our highly skilled engineers are here to assist with any special challenges as they are what we have great passion for.  By combining our knowledge and experience of advancements in technology for this industry, changes in procedure and quality control we are in are in the best possible position to understand the pharma sector. Our long time experience in the execution of engineering solutions for the industry, puts us in the unique position of being aware what the specific requirements are in order to achieve quality project results in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Medical Technologies

Ireland is a home to eight of the world’s medical device companies, and for many years ROSS has set the benchmark for engineering services in the Medical Technologies sector. Driven by a passion for continuous improvement ROSS has earned a reputation for staying abreast of the latest technological advancements in this industry in response to the demands of our medical technology clients. We pride ourselves on being an engineering firm with a full suite of disciplines and project management services that will match our customers’ needs every time.  We offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients from this industry with a proven track record of meeting all customer goals and objectives.

Science & Education

We understand that our education clients need to trust us to provide solutions that offer a secure learning environment for students.  We must use our capabilities for providing project management solutions for environments’ that are highly adaptable to reflect our client’s needs.  In this ever changing and vibrant industry we believe we must always be ‘future ready’ in order to deliver the best possible end to end solutions. In this sector relationships are key, with the focus on communication with all stakeholders remaining a key priority.

Food & Beverage

ROSS offers a diverse suite of engineering expertise to the food and beverage industry.  From conceptual design to aftercare support our multi –industry experience can provide the quality resources exactly when and where you need them.  ROSS works closely with supply chain, stakeholders and our team to provide the right solutions for your F&B needs.  We also commit to training our staff how to meet the rigorous certification standard of this demanding industry working with you to ensure we deliver results and value.


The production and supply of energy globally is what this key sector is responsible for. It is highly specialised in producing, refining and manufacturing renewable energy fuels, solar power and wind, coal, oil and gas. This industry requires an engineering services company that appreciates they are striving to find the best sustainable solutions for their own clients and we believe we help them do just that.  Because of our core values of ethical, relationship based and cost conscious ethos within our own company we can transfer these ideals into every project we undertake for the energy sector.

Oil & Gas

On each assignment that we tackle for our clients we believe our specific expertise in the Oil and Gas sector is what makes us the best in our field.  We combine our industry knowledge to deliver clients objectives; we believe that our shared passion for finding solutions for our customers is what sets up apart in the oil and gas industry.  We direct much of our effort to quality management, and finding the highest value solution benchmarked against previous real projects from industry clients.