Mankind has come too far to go backwards and is moving too fast to stop. Trying to slow the pace of development and innovation is not an option.

At ROSS Polymer we work in partnership with our customers to deliver modern and innovative technologies utilising the most advanced material developments.  This focus on continuous evolution is key to finding solutions to the challenges faced within the manufacturing space.  We are committed to our corporate reasonability towards sustainability and strive to make real change in the world.


At ROSS Polymer we have extensive experience in injection moulding project management. Our CEO Michael Hopkins is a leader in this field and during his time at Applied Polymer Technologies (APT) he has assisted many companies in both Ireland and the UK to successfully deliver their ground-breaking projects.

Michael and his team can help you through every stage of your injection moulding project.  We can review your designs applying injection moulding principles e and provide insight and advice to enhance manufacturability, reduce costs and optimise mould cavitation.

Our team of experts are on-hand throughout the entire process from design, build and then testing. Once your final product has been approved, we can develop the best logistic plan for delivery to the end user.


Our aim is to work with our clients collaboratively from initial concept, through the injection moulding design stage, using the latest up to date 3D application on the market.   We optimise the choice of plastic material, physical shape, ease of production, cost and performance. We will make your idea a reality.


We offer a range of 3D printing equipment, capable of producing high resolution models in a wide range of materials.  This enables our clients to have physical tangible parts and products in their hand for reference allowing for quick adjustments to designs during early product development. This approach often identifies features that could increase the cost of production parts and tooling. By combining customer knowledge with our design, material and manufacturing expertise, the process of developing new technologies are streamlined and optimised.


Using our in-house skilled personnel we can run mould flow analysis of proposed tool designs. This process gives the client the best possible reassurance that they are going to achieve the highest quality end-product.

The process uses computer simulations to analyse the flow of plastic during the injection moulding process. Our engineers receive training on the latest developments in mould flow technology to make sure they are always up to date with the newest methodologies.

Basic mould flow analysis simulates the fill and packing stages, helps to optimise gate size/location, balance runner and process conditions. At ROSS Polymer we take it a step further and adopt more complex mould flow analysis techniques.  This can lead to changes in operating temperatures and fibre orientation that in turn, create higher quality parts and improve cost-effectiveness. Effective mould flow analysis can be utilised to prevent wastage or faulty end products.


We have extensive tooling capabilities enabling us to provide our clients with the highest quality tools which have been designed and crafted to their exacting standards and specifications.

We have worked with all types of tool material from aluminium to hardened steels in producing injection mould tools including multi-cavity, composite, inset and 2 shot.

Whatever the project requirements we are confident we can produce a tool in line with you projects specification and commercial needs.

At ROSS Polymer the tooling service doesn’t stop at fabrication.  All tools enter into our comprehensive maintenance programme to ensure that they fabricate as efficiently as possible.  This increases the longevity of the tool life to maintain product quality.


Our extensive range of state-of-the-art injection moulding machines mean that most custom moulding requirements can be met. We have the capability to produce injection mouldings from 1g to 48kg in weight and with a surface area up to 1.5m2. We are also leaders in the field of in-mould decoration, and we continue to develop and evolve this technical skill to match our clients growing needs.


We offer a comprehensive service of design, manufacture, and final stage assembly, ensuring that your product is ready for distribution to anywhere in the world.

This really is a cradle to grave service offering our clients the option of a single source service provider to assist with the delivery of their projects.  Remember “Your Problem, our Solution”.