Health and Safety

Health and safety at work represent one our most important values, not just legality.  It remains a core priority and is part of all we do on a daily basis.  Our leadership’s commitment to health and safety proves our dedication to this crucial arena.  Through the actions of our management team our employees have a working knowledge of all health and safety topics. We understand that it is worth our time and energy to excel in this area, as the benefits to our business as a whole in indisputable.  In every situation we place a priority on safety first and all else second.  We make this happen by ongoing financial investment, training and development programmes, identifying potential problems before they become serious accidents or injuries and resolving minor issues in a timely fashion to avoid them becoming major problems in the future.

Technical Excellence

When a team works together to strive for technical excellence great things can happen.  As great as a current technology is there also could be better, there is also room for innovation. Our business is one that relies heavily on up to date knowledge and investment in emerging technologies in order for us to make innovative practice part of our everyday business.   ROSS works across many disciplines in varying dynamic industries therefore our management team can come together and share the wealth of experience they have gained in order to constantly work towards technical excellence.  A combination of this sharing of expertise and continued investment in new and exciting technologies is how endeavouring to achieve technical brilliance as a value becomes a natural company behaviour.

Customer Success

We aim to build deeper and stronger relationships with our customers.  This is reflected in our customer service values where we are strongly committed to achieving our customer’s business objectives.  We partner with our clients from first meeting to project completion. We are passionate about maintaining transparency, on-going open communication, speedy resolution of any issues that may arise and creating a feeling of empowerment for our clients. We achieve all this by working on a detailed strategic plan that outlines clear goals and objectives for both ROSS and the customer.  We feel this is a fail-safe method that allows all involved to accomplish results orientated goals.  Our team of highly dedicated world class engineers with the industry knowledge they possess are in the best possible position to deliver customers satisfaction that is second to none.

Nurturing Personal Growth

When our staff feel fully effective we can produce the desired result for our clients.  By encouraging personal growth and nurturing our teams we can then achieve even more in the ways that really matter.  We aspire to employ the brightest and the best in all areas of our business. Our people are our key to our continued success so we continuously develop training plans that allow our staff to become the best they can be.  We outline clear expectations to our teams of what is expected of them and if they feel they need support and career development we then work with them to achieve their personal career goals.

Honesty and Integrity

It is the hallmark of our business, that our people demonstrate sound ethical and moral principles in the workplace. This flows directly from a strong management team who lead by example in the day to day workings of the business.  In all relationships with our customers, staff and stakeholders we strive for integrity in our professional dealings and we encourage open honest communication.  Good leaders know that honesty and integrity is the first value from where all future success lies.