Ross Engineering Services recognises that elements of our works can impact upon the environment. We strive to achieve excellence in all our endeavours and we recognise that our business activities interact with and may have an impact on the environment. The goal of this environmental perspective is to minimize all such impacts.

Whilst the final product of our work is dictated by the requirements of our clients we will recommend the use of environmentally friendly component products and recycled materials as alternatives wherever possible. Our primary environmental goal is in the prevention of pollution, particularly in relation to water, air, noise and traffic.

As part of our our environmental management our organisation has commit to the following goals:

  • Identify the environmental issues associated with our core activities and manage them appropriately.
  • Establishment of a culture of continual improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Compliance with environmental legislation and our clients’ requirements.
  • Review our performance regularly against those targets and take appropriate and timely action where necessary.
  • Establishment of a framework within the company’s integrated management system for setting and reviewing our environmental performance, objectives and targets.
  • Education and training of our employees, subcontractors and anyone working on our behalf in the requirements of the environmental management policy
  • Provision of emergency response mechanisms.
  • Promoting the use of suppliers and sub-contractors who have an environmental management policy.
  • Promoting the conservation of natural resources.
  • Comply with the statutory and regulatory environmental requirements pertaining to our business operations.

“Let’s Work together to Erase the Waste”